Two Indri lemurs rescued in Vohimana!

Two Indri lemurs rescued in Vohimana!

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At the beginning of this year, two Indri lemurs were found outside of the protected area of Vohimana, in an area subject to serious deforestation. The team from L’Homme et l’Environnement and from the protected area of Vohimana has done its best to rescue these animals.

By early 2019, two Indri lemurs (Indri indri) were identified outside the protected area of Vohimana. Unfortunately, this area is undergoing deforestation. A critical situation as the pressure on their habitat was life threatening the two lemurs that have been without food resources.

It took the team from L’Homme et l’Environnement, vets, guides and technicians, a huge amount of work to save these two lemurs, named Mikala ans Ikoto, from a deadly environment. After several attempts, the last one was finally successful. Once the lemurs located, the team slowly approached, through the hills. The two lemurs have been darted with anesthetic, captured and soon after released in the safe patch of forest that have been identified for them. They have been equipped with a radio collar so the team can ensure the scientific monitoring.

The team is also closely monitoring the lemurs’ successful adaptation to their new environment.