Access to the sacred area of the forest

Access to the sacred area of the forest

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The guides of Vohimana are still looking for the two Indri lemurs threatened by the forest fires outside of the reserve, to prepare their capture and release inside the sanctuary.

Good news: they managed to hear the lemurs and to determine that they take refuge at night in a sacred part of the forest used as cemetery by local communities. Although they are safe in this area, the food resources are not sufficient for them to survive.

Régis, one of the guides of l’Homme et l’Environnement in Vohimana, is also a “Tangalamena”, a spiritual leader. To allow the guides to access this area of sacred forest, he had to hold a ceremony to inform the ancestors. Let’s hope that, in the weeks to come, Indri lemurs will be located and identified to prepare in the best possible way their reintroduction in the protected area of Vohimana.

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