A haka for cetaceans

A haka for cetaceans

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Since 2010, whale watching is a growing activity, especially in French Polynesia. In 2019, 45 operators and 59 boats are authorized to carry out this activity in Polynesian waters.

To professionals sworn by the Environment Department, one must add boaters, especially around Tahiti and Moorea.

During the most favorable season for whale watching, Mata Tohora once counted up to 21 boats around a whale and her calf, and 48 people in the water surrounding animals. In French Polynesia, the number of boats and swimmers are not limited. The association is concerned about the whale watching trend. Beyond its field work, Mata Tohora, in partnership with two groups of dancers, Taka Iki and Kaipeka Ote, have initiated a traditional haka for cetaceans. This beautiful awareness operation reminds the respect for this emblematic species inherent in the Polynesian culture and also invite to continue these traditions.

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