A nice surprise from satellite nest boxes

A nice surprise from satellite nest boxes

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As they were monitoring the satellite nest boxes in the framework of the scarlet macaw conservation project, the team from Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve had a very nice surprise. A very good news for the project.

On 30th of May, the team of Macaw Mountain had a very good surprise on the field.

The team found two Scarlet Macaw chicks in one of the satellite nest boxes scattered around the city of Copán and settled for the project. The chicks are about 9 weeks old and in excellent health. The Macaw Mountain team have monitored them, weighed them and put a numbered ring for easier identification.

Other satellite nest boxes had also been installed, in particular in the UNESCO World heritage site of Copán. The same day, as the team was checking theses nests, Macaw Moutain also found another chick in one of these nest boxes, in the heart of the Mayan Site.