Inauguration of the Incubation Centre

Inauguration of the Incubation Centre

2020-09-08T11:20:02+02:00Categories: Scarlet Macaw|
On 28 June, on the occasion of the National Scarlet Macaw Day, the national symbol, Macaw Mountain and its bird protection association PRO-ALAS inaugurated the first Incubation and Assisted Reproduction Center in Honduras.

The creation of the association is a direct consequence of the success of the scarlet macaw reintroduction program in the “Sacred Valley of Scarlet Macaw”. Indeed, the initiative of Macaw Mountain in the area of Copán made a lasting impression at a national scale, and many other regions in Honduras asked for a similar program.

Macaw Mountain’s experience has demonstrated that rehabilitated captive macaws and young birds hand fed and fed at nest-sites by the team can make a smooth transition into the wild despite contacts with humans. The Incubation and Assisted Reproduction Center will progressively increase the number of Scarlet macaws to be reintroduced. The Center will allow to organize several annual reintroductions over many sites and areas in Honduras!

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