World Turtle Day!

World Turtle Day!

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May 23, World Turtle Day!

Today, more than 325 turtle and tortoises species have been censored all over the world. If sea turtles are probably the best known, there are also many terrestrial and freshwater tortoises. Indeed, there are 7 species of sea turtles, more than 255 species of freshwater tortoises, and more than 45 species of tortoises.

Unfortunately, turtles and tortoises are also threatened and endangered species. Tortoises and freshwater tortoises are disappearing because of four main reasons : illegal pet trade, illegal wildlife trafficking, the popularity of exotic food, and the destruction of their habitat.
According to biologists and other biodiversity experts, wild tortoises and freshwater tortoises may disappear within 50 years, if nothing is done to stop this.

Based in the Tortoises Village of Carnoules, in the Var area (France), the SOPTOM has been involved since 1985 in the study and the protection of reptiles and their habitats, and especially in the protection of tortoises.

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