Target: November 2020 to release radiated tortoises

Target: November 2020 to release radiated tortoises

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The team of the Tortoise Village of Mangily, in Madagascar, actively works in the perspective of the release of 500 radiated tortoises in November 2020, if health conditions allow.

The care provided and the monitoring of the individuals of the Tortoise Village are essential for this sensitive and particularly threatened species. In particular, they make it possible to prepare the reintroduction project into the wild of radiated tortoises which had been seized by the authorities and entrusted to SOPTOM and its partner ASE.

During the lockdown, the Tortoise Village remained open to the public. Unfortunately, facing the drop in tourist activities on a national and international scale, the Village remains without visitors and suffers from a lack of revenues. SOPTOM and ASE, projects and village managers, are launching a large call for support to their friends and partners to get through this delicate period!

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